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Anti-Virus Software Reports for FontExpert

FontExpert setup files were checked by many anti-virus programs



Digital Signature

FontExpert executable files included in Setup are digitally signed by a code signing certificate. Run Windows Explorer, select FontExpert.exe file and choose Properties... command from context menu. Make sure the Properties window include the Digital Signatures tab with Proxima Software signature. This digital signature ensures that the file is original, it was released by Proxima Software, and it was not modified by a third party.

  FontExpert - Digital Signature


False Detection

FontExpert uses software protection code. Some versions of anti-virus software may incorrectly detect protection code as a virus.

For example, if you use advanced "Heuristics" and "Advanced Heuristics" options in NOD32 antivirus, it may incorrectly suspect a virus in a clean executabe file. See the example of false detection report created by NOD32 ant-virus for earlier version 7.0 of FontExpert.

Usually upgrading antivirus data file or upgrading to the latest version of antivirus eliminates false detection issues.

Below is a report created for FontExpert executable file. Most of anti-virus programs report the file is clean.
Trend Micro anti-virus incorrectly suspects a virus (false detection):

The Report with False Detection of a Virus