Поиск шрифтов

In the Find Fonts window, you can search for font files on your local or network drives.

Choose Tools/Find Fonts... from the main menu, or press Ctrl+F, to see Find Fonts window. Choose the drive or path you want to search for font files and click the Start Search button.

FontExpert automatically detects corrupted and incomplete fonts. To search for duplicates, set the Detect duplicate fonts box. FontExpert will set the color of duplicates to yellow or green.

You can copy, move, delete, and hide fonts displayed in the list.

Check marks can help you to manage long lists of fonts. To set check marks depending on the font status, use Set Check Marks by Status... option. Then you can apply other menu commands to the marked fonts or to selected fonts.

To save a list of fonts to a text file, click the Save to File button on the toolbar.

To include all fonts in the Worklist view, click the Replace Worklist button. The fonts that were found will be added to the Worklist view.

Embedding Fonts

The value in Embedding column of Find Fonts window indicates font embedding licensing rights for the font. FontExpert uses "OS/2 and Windows Metric table" of a TrueType or OpenType font to define embedding rights granted by font vendor. The table below describes embedding rights according to OpenType Specification version 1.6:

Installable Embedding Fonts with this setting indicate that they may be embedded and permanently installed on the remote system by an application. The user of the remote system acquires the identical rights, obligations and licenses for that font as the original purchaser of the font, and is subject to the same end-user license agreement, copyright, design patent, and/or trademark as was the original purchaser.
Restricted License embedding Fonts must not be modified, embedded or exchanged in any manner without first obtaining permission of the legal owner. Caution: For Restricted License embedding to take effect, it must be the only level of embedding selected.
Preview & Print embedding The font may be embedded, and temporarily loaded on the remote system. Documents containing Preview & Print fonts must be opened read-only; no edits can be applied to the document.
Editable embedding The font may be embedded but must only be installed temporarily on other systems. In contrast to Preview & Print fonts, documents containing Editable fonts may be opened for reading, editing is permitted, and changes may be saved.
No subsetting When this bit is set, the font may not be subsetted prior to embedding.
Bitmap embedding only Only bitmaps contained in the font may be embedded. No outline data may be embedded. If there are no bitmaps available in the font, then the font is considered unembeddable and the embedding services will fail.

The four levels of embedding rights (indicated by gray color) are defined as mutually exclusive in OpenType specification versions from 1.2 to 1.6 (in "OS/2 and Windows Metric table" versions 2, 3, and 4).

In TrueType specification versions 1.5 and 1.66 (in "OS/2 and Windows Metric table" versions 0 and 1) the four levels of embedding rights were not defined as mutually exclusive. If multiple levels of embedding rights are assigned to a font, the least restrictive license granted takes precedence.