Manage OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript fonts with FontExpert

FontExpert font manager allows you to:

  • Install or Uninstall Fonts
    You can select a font or fonts in any workspace view and activate or deactivate the selected fonts.
  • Copy, Move Font Files
    You can explore folders and copy or move fonts located on your compact disks or DVDs, local disks, removable disks or network drives. You can copy or move fonts to FontExpert font manager from any program that is compatible with Windows Explorer.
  • Drag-and-Drop Fonts
    It is easy to drag-and-drop files from the Windows Explorer or any compatible program to the FontExpert.
  • Create and Manage Font Groups (Sets)
    You can put fonts to font groups and manage created font sets, for example, you can activate or remove an entire font group or any single font. In a font group it is allowed to keep reference (shortcut) to the font that is physically located in some other folder on your local disk.
  • Search for font duplicates
    FontExpert Font Manager can search for duplicated fonts and allows you to manage copies of fonts that were found: copy, move, delete, hide. FontExpert can automatically detect sets of duplicates and in every set it marks one duplicate as preferred. This feature significantly simplifies the management of duplicated fonts.
  • Search for corrupted fonts
    FontExpert automatically detects corrupted and incomplete fonts.
  • Sort and Filter Fonts
    You can sort fonts in views and hide fonts of the desired type.
  • New Style of Font Management: XML Worklists
    Sometimes it is hard to review thousands of fonts and choose the right font for a design work. With FontExpert you can pick all the pleasured fonts and put them to a special list. The Worklist view keeps the references to font files located in different folders and allows you to save this list to an XML file for further work.