Preview both installed and uninstalled typefaces with FontExpert

In FontExpert font manager you can preview a font from a number of sources:

  • Fonts in Library
    Select and preview fonts previously added to your Font Library.
  • Installed Fonts
    Just click any font in the list of all installed typefaces to preview the font.
  • Font Files
    Explore folders and preview uninstalled fonts located on your compact disks or DVDs, local disks, removable disks or network drives.
  • Fonts in the Work List
    The program displays the work list with all fonts that were found on your local disks, CDs, DVDs or network drives, so it is easy to select and preview any font from this list.
  • Fonts in Font Groups
    Select and preview fonts included in your font sets.

The font is simultaneously displayed in several views:

  • Main View
    The program draws the font faces of selected fonts.
  • Text Sample
    The font is displayed as a colored text sample. You can choose a predefined sample, such as the alphabet, or load a sample from a text file.
  • Characters Table
    The font is previewed as a character map and you can easily change the font size, font style or color.
  • Zoom View
    The symbol you select in a Characters Table is displayed as a large character, so it is easy to preview the symbol in details.