Print TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript Type 1 fonts with FontExpert

FontExpert font manager includes several types of printed reports:

  • Full Page
    One-font-per-page report that combines several lines of text formatted by different font sizes, text samples, and characters table. When you select several fonts, every font will be printed on its own page.
  • Layout
    Multiple-fonts-per-page report with the names of selected typefaces or text samples. The text samples or font names of selected typefaces formatted in selected number of columns.
  • Characters Table
    One-font-per-page report that prints a character map. When you select several fonts, every font will be printed on it's own page.

Choose a report and customize header, footer, and margins.

FontExpert provides the following printing commands:

  • Print Setup
    Choose a printer and printing options that are determined by your printer, print drivers, and operating system.
  • Print Preview
    You can preview how the font or fonts will be printed on the selected paper sheet.
  • Print
    Prints selected fonts using currently selected report type and printing options.

Read more in FontExpert On-line Help: Printing Fonts, Printing to PDF File